The Road to
Financial Freedom

I am so glad you found my website whether it is as a result of a friend or you saw one of my cards or ads and it spoke to you. Either way, welcome.

My approach to financial counseling comes from a completely unique perspective different from any advisor you may have worked with in the past. For me, this is about mentoring with compassion… taking a relaxed and gentle approach to understanding your financial picture.

"The price of anything is the amount of life you
exchange for it."     
- Henry David Thoreau


What is a Moolah Doula?
A money mentor, a financial friend, an experienced financial planner who works directly with you and for you. No sales pitches, no commissions.

Joanne Leffeld, former Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for over a decade, now  yoga teacher, artist and mother of two.

Become empowered with your money to achieve the life you deserve and desire.

Your place or mine

No time like the present



"Thank you seems a very pale description for our conversations. Perhaps, enormous gratitude, coupled with life/spirit affirming rightness is closer to the feeling within.  Though even that is probably far from the celluar feeling within. "  
"A million thanks for your wisdom,  tenacity, support and appreciations. I am so grateful to have gone to your workshop that evening.  Things are changing and you have been a big part in that process. "

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