Initial Consultation

Explore and identify your personal story.

Identify underlying beliefs and attitudes carried forth into your present life

Name the dominant voice influencing your decisions with regards to money

Complete a comprehensive interactive questionnaire

Session II

Review and identify shifts occurring since initial session

Explore the deep connection between behaviors and one’s inner child’s  needs

Connect spending patterns to self worth

Identify new methods of self care other than spending

Discuss unexposed attitudes and biases towards those with money

Session III

Compile list of inflows and outflows

Assess debt and the cost of borrowing/interest rates/due dates

Evaluate risks and how to address them

Analyze budget to find effective tools for saving

Discuss fears relating to money

Session IV

Brainstorm on ways to enhance income streams

Create a reward system for increased productivity

Set short and long term financial goals

Assess one’s personal definition of wealth

Session V

Review and revise inflows and outflows

Create daily, weekly and monthly protocols

Evaluate progress and fine tune objectives

Set long term qualitative and quantitative goals