About Joanne Leffeld


At this point, you may be wondering what makes me qualified or unique from other money coaches or planners.

I have assumed many roles in my life...certified financial planner, mom, yoga teacher, artist, hospice volunteer and formerly a business partner with my husband in a unique lighting design company. I have definitely had my share of bumps in the road as I've navigated through all these phases of life and I am here to tell you that just because you may be struggling to pay the bills and feeling overwhelmed by all your obligations now, it does not have to continue this way.  A strategy based on clear goals makes a huge difference in success.  I can relate to the full range of emotions the discussion of money provokes.  It's very challenging to face these issues alone.  Sort of like giving birth for the first time. Fear of the overwhelming challenge of giving birth to a new life only this time, its yours!

So if the analogy of giving birth to a new life resonates with you, then think of me as your moolah doula.*

*The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides emotional and practical support during the pre and postpartum period.