The Take Care Fair - June 25, 2017

Today I exhibited and presented at the Take Care Fair in Hudson, NY.  It was a spectacularly beautiful summer day right by the Hudson Riverfront.  I was very impressed by both the caliber of exhibitors as well as the interesting people who were in attendance.  

It is amazing how hungry people are for meaning in their lives. The vast array of dedicated practitioners and holistic products was very comprehensive.  There were over twenty practitioners offering complementary sessions ranging from energy work to massage. 

So many people responded to my explanation of what a Moolah Doula is with "Oh my goodness, that is SO needed right now!"  In the afternoon when I gave my talk, I had a full house!  I feel very fortunate to have found my true purpose in helping people get grounded and clear in their relationship with money.  Too much suffering occurs when we ignore our sabotaging beliefs and behaviors around money.  It was wonderful to connect with so many people eager to make changes in their lives.  

I am looking forward to sharing my work through events and workshops similar to the Take Care Fair today in Hudson.