Does Money Create Stress
in Your Relationship?

Do you find yourself and your partner avoiding the topic altogether?

It’s hard not to let resentment creep in when the lines of communication are blocked. Tension leads to fear, causing disagreements and misunderstandings all of which could be avoided by facing the topic straight on. But how do you find common ground?

In couples sessions, I create a safe, compassionate space to communicate openly and honestly about what is working and what isn’t working with regards to money.

We begin by exploring how early childhood memories influence present day attitudes and behaviors. Once these are revealed, they are much easier to spot, reframe and heal.

Approaching the topic of money with mindfulness, we then lay a secure foundation with solid financial building blocks regarding saving, investing, budgeting and planning. And finally, you and your partner identify a shared definition of a prosperous and abundant life.

Create peace and prosperity with your partner…

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Making Peace with Money
Making Peace with Your Partner


I am Joanne Leffeld, the Moolah Doula.

My approach to financial well being comes from a unique perspective different from any financial advisor or accountant you may have worked with in the past. Our work together is created and fostered from a deep place of compassion.  It is important to recognize and accept that what came before will not be judged but used as a tool to grow from.  

Our experiences teach us important lessons about why we have done the things we've done.  This kind of input is essential to understanding and creating healing moving forwards.  I welcome the  opportunity to assist and support you in your journey of making peace with your relationship with money.

Questions? Email or call (845) 706-4145.

What Is A Moolah Doula?

A money mentor, a financial friend, a compassionate counselor.

I work by your side as you learn tools to become financially grounded and directed.  No sales pitches, no commissions no management fees.

Joanne Leffeld, former Certified Financial Planner (CFP),  yoga teacher, artist and mother of two.

To become empowered with your money to achieve the life you deserve and desire.

Your place or in my office studio in Saugerties, NY. Or by phone or Skype.

How To Start?
You can start on your path to financial well-being by booking a complimentary
half-hour phone session right now.