Does Money Create Stress
in Your Relationship?

Do you find yourself and your partner avoiding the topic altogether?

It’s hard not to let resentment creep in when the lines of communication are blocked. Tension leads to fear, causing disagreements and misunderstandings all of which could be avoided by facing the topic straight on. But how do you find common ground?

In couples sessions, I create a safe, compassionate space to communicate openly and honestly about what is working and what isn’t working with regards to money.

We begin by exploring how early childhood memories influence present day attitudes and behaviors. Once these are revealed, they are much easier to spot, reframe and heal.

Approaching the topic of money with mindfulness, we then lay a secure foundation with solid financial building blocks regarding saving, investing, budgeting and planning. And finally, you and your partner identify a shared definition of a prosperous and abundant life.

Create peace and prosperity with your partner…