Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the work that you do and for providing a safe space for exploring such a sensitive topic. It is a pleasure working with you.”

”Joanne is a rare find.  My wife and I tried to work with three financial advisers before coming to Joanne.  With each one, the conversation quickly turned from our concerns to what products they were trying to sell.  Joanne is the first person who spent the time to understand where we were and what we wanted out of the session.  She then counseled us on our areas of concern.  Although our financial house was already in fair shape, our time with Joanne paid dividends in our peace of mind and confidence in choosing the right investments for us and our family.”

”Joanne was the first financial advisor I ever worked with for guidance and direction. The fact that she does not sell any products made me certain I could trust her and that she came from a place of integrity. The questions she asked in our session were so helpful and she listened so clearly to my ideas. I left our session feeling empowered and knowing what steps I need to take to protect my business and ensure my financial goals for the future. I highly recommend working with Joanne if you are needing financial empowerment.”    Christine Hall,  Bodymind Massage Therapy owner”

”Thank you SO much for our session! I feel like I’m on a good track and still feeling hopeful about my financial future. It’s funny and great that you spoke so much about the child self vs. the adult self, because my main goal has been to move beyond my financial immaturity to have a more mature relationship with money. So… onward!”

”Thank you seems a very pale description for our conversations. Perhaps, enormous gratitude, coupled with life/spirit affirming rightness is closer to the feeling within. Though even that is probably far from the celluar feeling within. “

”A million thanks for your wisdom, tenacity, support and appreciations. I am so grateful to have gone to your workshop that evening. Things are changing and you have been a big part in that process. “

”The last thing i need when going  to a financial planner is for someone to tell me what a jerk i am or have been and how i’ve missed out on all this stuff that would have made me a millionaire. Also, the second to last thing i need is someone who talks in financialese - which is a cross between japanese and esperante....both of these things you did not do. I did feel taken care of, listened to, and supported in whatever good and bad decisions we have made. the deal really is... the past is truly the past and the future is the next moment from now.”

”Our session with you surely was packed! We are working on many of your ideas. We hold your wisdom and delivery of information in high regard. We surely valued your time. “

”Thank you for tonight’s session. It always feels grounding to sit with you and discuss these challenging yet important issues. We are grateful to have you as our coach in this journey. Thank you for your wisdom and patience.”

“Thank you for your gentle guidance in this new chapter of my life. We were truly brought together divinely. You feel too familiar for this to be our first lifetime together. I am sure we have met many times. What a wonder thought. I am very grateful for you. Empowerment is too simple of word to describe how I feel after each session. I look forward to the transformation these will continue to bring.